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Rincon  Pandora

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What Rincón Pandora does

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Rincón Pandora is an olive company that in 2014 has started a 9,000 plants intensive cultivation (olive-trees spacing 7x5), with genetically certified varieties of olive trees imported from Italy (Vivai Pacini, Pescia).

Rincón Pandora is an ECO-ECO company: the alliance with research centres and universities in Italy has allowed the introduction of innovative methods and techniques, caring for the environment and orchestrating a fine rural landscape as generated by these elegant, long-lived trees. These plants contribute to mitigate climate-change and retain carbon: this is why olive trees are classified as 'climate-smart crop'.

Pique Roto


In March 2019, with the first outstanding harvest, the company established the brand PIQUE ROTO, with its registered trademark, for the marketing and sale of high-quality natural foods.

Olive processing is carried out at the Oil-mill 'El Amarillo', only 12 km far from our plantation, which hosts our PIQUE ROTO storage tanks. Within the plantation, a laboratory for the production of table-olives and olive paté has been established and equipped with specialized machinery imported from the town of Imperia (Liguria), in northwestern Italy.


In order to ensure offering the highest quality with the products of the PIQUE ROTO line, these are being prepared exclusively with olives from the Rincón Pandora plantation, processed no longer than 12 hours after being harvested: this guarantees 100% products traceability, and a zero-kilometer process, thus allowing a unique quality to our foods.





Fiel a su política de transparencia hacia los consumidores, Pique Roto publica las análisis químicas y sensoriales de sus aceites, llevadas a cabo en el Instituto ANALYTICAL Group de Florencia (IT) 

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So it started...

Our trees

Pique Roto products...

After more than 35 years working in different countries all over the world (from Austria, to Central America, from West Africa to the Andes and South Asia, we brought to Uruguay our familiarity with investment projects, our passion for precision agriculture, and quality natural product.

The plantation extends on 32 planted hectares, and has 9,000+ olive trees: 75% of the area (more than 7,000 plants) is planted with genetically-certified varieties imported from Italy, and newly cultivated in Uruguay's farmland: Taggiasca, Pendolino, Frantoio, Leccino.

All PIQUE ROTO products (extravirgin olive oils, table olives and olive patés) are made exclusively with olives from the RINCÓN PANDORA Company. All are fully, 100% traceable.

The harvest on the plantation in 2021 

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