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Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Oilve Oil Extraction

Aceitunas Pique Roto
Fondo Industrial Uruguay
Frantoio Pique Roto
Aceite Pique Roto
Aceite Pique Roto

The oil is extracted by cold pressing in the Almazara El Amarillo, Casupá, just 12 km from our plantation, a few hours after the harvest. The equipment is branded OLIO MIO, with the capacity to process up to 500 kg/h, it is Italian technology, made by the company MORI-TEM (Toscana Enologica Mori), to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil.

The oil is kept for 3 days in a settling steel tank for the removal of the greatest impurities, and finally mechanically filtered with cellulose filters, to be preserved in LAINOX stainless steel tanks, imported from Italy, owned by our company.

The filtering operation, eliminating the smaller impurities and the water content still present among the oil molecules, gives the product greater stability, without losing its organoleptic characteristics.

The oil is sold in 3 different packages:

  •  250 mL bottles

  •  500 mL bottles

  •  3 L Bag-in-Box 

Why Bag-in-Box

The Bag-in-Box (BIB) system, used in Europe for the sale of products sensitive to light, oxygen, or any form of contact with unsuitable plastic materials, prevents oxidation processes (formation of peroxides) and the consequent increase in acidity and loss of organoleptic properties.

The BIB allows the consumer to save on the purchase of containers (fewer bottles) and preserve the quality of the oil (PET plastic drum are not suitable).

The tap allows to extract, in a practical and simple way, the quantity of oil that is needed, without funnels, keeping the product under vacuum. In addition, dimensions and shape of the cardboard box allow it to be easily stored.

Finally, producer and consumer take care of the environment, consistently limiting waste production.


Mono variety oil Taggiasca

olio tagg 2.png

Extra virgin oil, cold pressed.

Taggiasca is a variety of Liguria, in northern Italy, and it yields yellow oils, fruity fragrance and flavor, sensitive sweetness, spicy nuances and hints of almonds and pine nuts.


Most appreciated by those who are new the use of olive oil and by children, for its delicacy.


It is advised to use it raw in any type of food. On salads and vegetables it accompanies and exalts the taste without covering the original flavors.

Triple variety oil Tosca

Extra virgin oil, cold pressed.


The varieties Frantoio, Leccino and Pendolino are typical of the Tuscany region, in central-northern Italy. the mixture of these three varieties provides a well balanced and harmonious oil , very fresh, of green color and outstanding vegetal notes in its aroma and flavor.

Especially suitable for those who prefer oils with more spicy characteristics.

It is recommended to use it raw in any type of food, or for cooking, it delivers its specific aroma even in small amounts.

olio tosca 1.png

Chemical analysis

Sensorial analysis


Fiel a su política de transparencia hacia los consumidores, Pique Roto publica los análisis químicos y sensoriales de sus aceites, llevados a cabo en el Instituto ANALYTICAL Group de Florencia (IT) para la cosecha 2022, y de LATU para la COSECHA 2023!




Extra Virgin Olive Oil Taggiasca is a pleasant-tasting olive oil with a sweet flavor accompanied by a bitter and spicy taste of medium-low intensity. It has the aroma of ripe fruits of medium intensity with detectable presence of green almond, olive leaf, artichoke and pine nuts. It is used in some coupages to provide sweetness and to enhance the range of flavors and smells present.

It contains a high amount of oleic acid (77%), with a high presence of Polyphenols.


Frantoio oil is a very fresh oil, with an intense green color and outstanding vegetal notes in its aroma and flavor, intensely fruity with grass, artichoke and green almond features. As for its taste, it is appreciated as a fine, creamy, velvety, sweet oil that evolves to soft spicy tones in the throat.

Frantoio olive oil decomes dark green and has very high stability.


Pendolino Extra Virgin Olive Oil is fruity and of thin consistency. On the palate, it has a sweet entrance, turning bitter and ending with a characteristic spicy taste in the throat. Among the aromas, we can distinguish important notes of bitter almond and more lightly fresh grass and artichoke.

It has an average polyphenol content and has a high level of oleic acid (76%).


The characteristics of Leccino Extra Virgin olive oil vary depending on the time of collection.

When the olive is partially green, the oil is more aromatic and the flavor is more intense. When it is fully ripened, the oil becomes sweet and soft.

Taste: Leccino Extra Virgin olive oil is somewhat sweet and has a harmonic spicy and bitter taste. Among the aromas we can distinguish, escarole, artichoke, almond and black pepper.

It has an average polyphenol content and is high in oleic acid (75%).

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