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The venture of VIVAI PACINI dates back to the late 1800s when Pietro Pacini, along with some other nurserymen, began the reproduction of olive trees. This led to the rapid development of olive nurseries, making Pescia the most important center of this agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally.
Pietro Pacini's nurseries have always been at the forefront of this nursery sector and have achieved recognition in this regard both in Italy and abroad. CO.RI.PRO member.


CO.RI.PRO. is a consortium that associates the main olive producing companies of the municipality of Pescia (PT), commonly considered the world capital of olive trees. The consortium, which has been operating since 1970 in Pescia (PT), has among its objectives to guarantee the selection and control of the olive tree nursery material through the voluntary certification of the varietal profile and the virus-free phytosanitary standard.


The Uruguayan Olive Association (ASOLUR), was founded in 2004, responding to the growing importance that olive cultivation began to take from 2003. Its creation was due to the need to share experiences and knowledge in a field that was novel in terms of modern crop concepts.


Il CIHEAM Bari is a post-university training center, dedicated to the scientific application and intervention provision with partners in the territory in the field of research programming and international cooperation.


IDEA 2020 - Innovation and Development for Agriculture is a Spin-off of the Tuscia University (Viterbo, Italy), that fosters an economic and social development based upon initiatives where environmental responsibility and social inclusion are fundamental and integrated components of a long term sustainable growth.The multifunctional view of agriculture is adopted as sustainable approach in the planning and implementation of rural development projects. This multifunctional approach is oriented to the local territory where agricultural household operates and contributes to the local social capital.


The International Olive Council is the only international inter-governmental organization in the world in the field of olive oil and table olives. It was established in Madrid, Spain, in 1959, under the auspices of the United Nations. The Council is a decisive element in contributing to the sustainable and responsible development of olive cultivation, and its global forum debates policy-making issues to address present and future challenges.

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The monthly publication Olivo e Olio is the specialized magazine dedicated to the cultivation of the olive tree and the improvement of the oleaginous product. From agronomy to phytosanitary defense to the market and problems related to product marketing, Olivo e Olio deals with all aspects of the olive and oil production chain. In each issue, a special insert examines the technical and economic aspects of the production cycle.


Since 1994, the Mercacei-Edimarket Editores publishing group has specialized in publishing professional publications in the olive and table olive sector. Composed of a solid team of professionals with extensive experience in the agri-food sector

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