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In the media: an overview of our mission and career path in national and local televised interviews

2022 - De la Tierra al Plato Canal 4, con Hugo Soca (Full broadcast)

2021- Mejor Dicho Vera Tv, y Teve+HD Florida

2020 - Inquietudes Tv Canal 3 Colonia Uruguay 

2022 - De la Tierra al Plato Canal 4, con Hugo Soca (Trailer)

2020 - Visit of the Florida Department

2013 - Inquietudes Tv Canal 3 Colonia Uruguay

On our platforms: videos with technical explanations that illustrate the quality of our products

The varieties of olive trees in the plantation and their balance and harmony: what makes this plantation unique in Uruguay 

Harvesting by hand, selection and demarization process to prepare olives in brine, in EVOO, and patés 

The 2019 harvest

Monitoring the maturity of olives in the field: choosing the best moment to guarantee our quality

The quality and cleanliness of our olives in the 2019 harvest: excellence from the field to the oil-mill

The plantation in 2018 


Tiempo Agrario - Interviewing Maria Vittoria Saccarello, 2020

Radio Sarandí 690 - Live the afternoon - Kairo Herrera and Magdalena Prado, 2022

La Sobremesa - Olive oil: as ingredient, as condiment, even as a drink, 2021

Radio Casupá FM 94.1 - Entrevista a Maria Vittoria Saccarello: Mujeres Emprendedoras en el Departamento de Florida (27.12.2022)

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