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The beginning

After 30 years working in the international technical cooperation system, throughout different countries all over the world - Austria, Central America, West Africa, the Andes, South Asia - we brought to Uruguay our familiarity with investment projects, and our passion for precision agriculture, natural products, healthy food and gastronomy.


Our ambition to develop a high quality olive production system has taken advantage from the familiarity we have with the Italian tradition in Liguria, inspired by the diversified, fertile, high quality farmland in Uruguay. This has oriented our choiche for this country, where well selected olive trees find excellent conditions for their growth. In Italy, for centuries, olive-trees cultivation has shaped the territory, and its associate culture has characterised life in rural areas since the Rome civilization and the high Middle age.

The driving idea was, from the beginning, to import know-how, tradition, technical innovation and technology from Italy, impulsing the interest on high-quality healthy food and contributing to the development of the new olive sector in Uruguay.

How Rincón Pandora and Pique Roto were born

The relatively small size of the property, surrounded by large estates with thousands of hectares, suggested the name Rincón (corner); the Pandora name originates from the name of our first dog, an English setter who followed us around the world, between the '80s and' 90s, and who would have definitely loved living and wandering in this beautiful place.

During the 2017 Christmas season, a severe squall in the Casupà area caused the breakdown of around 3,000 wooden tutors (piques), the plant poles used in the grove: this inspired to fix this touch to the brand, in a tribute to the very windy climate of the property. Meanwhile, the lakes, the trees, and the vegetation changes had transformed the farm microclimate, creating a humid area that increased birds biodiversity. All this is now reflected in the brand logo and in its name Pique Roto, which in the end turned out to be a registered trademark with its little bird.

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