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All PIQUE ROTO products (oils, table olives and pate) are exclusively made with olives from the RINCÓN PANDORA plantation, no olives are purchased from third parties

The extraction of the oil is carried out through cold press in the Almazara El Amarillo, Casupá, only 12 km from our plantation, only hours after the harvest. The italian OLIO MIO equipment, with the capacity to process 500 kg / h, made by the company MORI-TEM (Toscana Enologica Mori), processes our high quality extra virgin olive oil.

Our table olives, of the Taggiasca and Leccino varieties, carefully harvested by hand, with no use of rakes and floor nets, are selected according to size and health of the drupe, caring for their qulaity and fragrance.

The phase of olives processing and the modalities of thir conservation do take place within the plantation's laboratory, according to the traditional methodologies and recipes adopted in Liguria through centuries, and without any use of soda. Once ready, the olives are packaged in glass containers as per the three classic recipes of the Ligurian gastronomy: in a light brine with water, salt and natural flavors, in olive oil and aromatic herbs, or pitted and processed into pate with EVOO and herbs.

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