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What they say in Mercado Libre


Title: Excellent

Good product, especially I really liked the packaging. Being an aromatherapist and knowing about the best way to store oil, I found this type of packaging to be ideal in dark recycled cardboard on the outside and with a vacuum bag and dispenser cap in the lower area of the container, which allows the oil not only to be sheltered from light otherwise do not get oxygen, since when dispensing the inner bag it sticks from above. I congratulate you for the innovation!!!

What they write us by mail and socials


Hello Maria Vittoria. I'll tell you what we lift the oil. EXQUISITE. I am not an expert in tasting but I do know when the oil is 100% natural. I would like to know if you have the whole year. Because I'm sure I'm going to continue buying you. I send you and the team in General applause. Your kindness and availability are remarkable. A hug!

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