Eat what you know and know what you eat.


The alliance and strong interrelation between Rincón Pandora and Pique Roto allows us to carry out our vision and work philosophy: products whose raw material is known and certified, at Km 0 (there is no environmental impact in the acquisition of olives since the laboratory is located on the plantation itself).


An informed consumer represents the most important objective for us. Here, it is possible to witness the hard work carried out during the long period (more than a year) necessary for the olive to start from the trees and reach your tables.



In these uncertain times, where the desire and need to go outside and enjoy nature go hand in hand with the fear of possible infections, Rincón Pandora and Pique Roto offer you the chance of booking the entirety of our infrastructure, just for your family and friends.


40 ha of plantation, 9000 plants, two water reservoirs, the chance to fish, seeing and listening to birds, getting acquainted with our dogs, horses, and our little pet sheep.


Relax at our tables and Paraguayan hammocks among the trees, and enjoy the peace and quiet of the farm and our typical Genoa cuisine.


Our staff in charge of the plantation will tell you about all the work, dedication, and passion that goes behind our products.


The owner, Maria Vittoria, will be pleased to introduce you to the project in its complexity and will personally cook typical dishes of Genoese cuisine for you, as well as taking you to visit the plantation and the laboratory.


Within the same information philosophy, we have included, for those who wish, a visit to the “el Amarillo” apiary, producers of Casupá of pure honey for export to Germany.


A unique opportunity to discover the world that provides us with the essential foods in our diet.


When and How much

Any day of the week, from 10:30 in the morning, our facilities will be at your disposal.


It is essential to make a reservation 3 days in advance because everything is cooked is fresh.


Reservations are made through whatsapp 091931356, where you can get all the other information you need.


The price per person, menu included, is $ 650.

Children up to 7 years old join for free.


Minimum 6 adults for a reservation, maximum 12 adults.