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The ranch

Rincon Pandora 2012
Rincon Pandora 2012
Rincon Pandora 2012, il settore Taggiasca

The project fosters elements of technical and agronomic innovation, which are summarized in five fundamental areas and whose objectives are:

  1. The reduction of unproductive periods;

  2. The scope of high productivity;

  3. High quality and quantity standards;

  4. High level of mechanization achieving maximum economic performance;

  5. The economic and environmental sustainability of the plantation.  


The company “Maria Vittoria Saccarello and Domenico Bruzzone”, a de facto company with a fancy name “Rincón Pandora”, began its activity in Uruguay in June 2011 (Registration date for DGI 06/21/2011 - RUC 216883280018- Company No. BPS 0000005969994) promoting an olive investment project.

The property,  he has. 40,640 total,  had the following characteristics:

  • Good CONEAT index (index structured by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and the National Commission for the Agro-economic Study of the Land, determines the production capacity of each register)

  • Good distribution of areas suitable for planting

  • Little waste (gullies too wide, erosion, stones)

  • No previous type of agricultural exploitation, and certainly no use of chemical products (herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers). Only 8 ha have been used for prairie

  • Constant ventilation

  • Height and limited presence of fog

  • Electric power availability

  • Presence of infrastructures

  • Closeness to other olive-growing enterprises

  • Closeness to oil mill

  • Closeness of national communication routes

  • Closeness to the city with services for agriculture and assistance

  • Labor availability

The farm is located in the Department of Florida, municipality of Casupá, with access from Route 7 through the  By road.  This is in good condition, with frequent care from the Intendancy.  The distance from Route 7 to the Rincón Pandora field is approximately 6 km, and the plantation is reached in 10 minutes.

Rincon Pandora almanecer

In the soils, with moderate drainage, long runs have been made diagonally to the slope to improve the water outlet. It should be noted that the plantable areas do not occupy a single large and homogeneous area, but are divided into 3 sectors well differentiated by two ravines. All batches have the advantage of having long plant lines, which allows better optimization of batch work.

The usable soils are moderately deep and superficial, without impediment to the development of the roots, as long as adequate soil preparation work is carried out. Subsoiling was not only recommended, but necessary, and it was carried out when the soil was dry (January). In some sectors, at the end of the slope - gullies - and in order to avoid erosion, defense works have been carried out, as well as the conduction and collection of water - tajamares -  for foliar applications and / or irrigation of assistance in case of need.

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